STUBE Offers

STUBE-BW offers:

Weekend workshops, day seminars and half-day workshops
The seminars are mostly designed in an interactive fashion. The participants can appropriate a lot of content by means of expert presentations, films, working groups, role plays and other activating methods. It is essential to exchange ideas and find new solutions together.

Career-oriented internship and study visit to home country (BPSA)
STUBE provides financial supports for students, which enables them to conduct study-related research or do an internship in their home countries. Students receive an opportunity to confront the social and political realities of their countries after years of studies in Germany. They can get to know the current labour market, overcome return-related fears and develop new perspectives. They also recuperate after meeting with their friends and family. BPSA is accompanied by preparation and debriefing seminars. Only non-scholarship holders can apply for BPSA.

Disseminator training Global Learning (this programme is only for students who speak good German from B2)
Global learning aims at uncovering and understanding global interconnections and mutual dependencies between the countries of the North and the South. STUBE-students are particularly suited to portray these interconnections and living conditions in their home countries. The seminars cover topics, content and methods of global learning. Supported by a coaching process, the participants will conceptualize and conduct their own workshop. Afterwards they will be awarded a certificate and will be connected with schools and communities. STUBE-students will receive a fee for their engagement.