Abschlussfeier Multiplikatoren*innen Training am 17.06.17

Weekend Seminars

At STUBE seminars you can meet people from across the globe, whom you would otherwise not meet and learn about topics, which you would otherwise not hear about. At STUBE seminars, that take place on weekends, we discuss issues, which are important for the development of all countries. For instance climate change, food security, peace and many others. Our seminars are open to all students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, who are studying in Baden-Württemberg. The seminars are cross-cultural, interfaith and interdisciplinary. Besides expert presentations there is extensive exchange in working groups, practical exercises and lots of fun. You can build networks and get in touch with active NGO and other organizations. You can find the next seminars here and the current annual programme here.

Disseminator Training

At STUBE’s disseminator training you will learn how to interlink the knowledge about the global interrelations, which you acquired during STUBE seminars with your knowledge about your home country, and how to impart this knowledge to others (predominantly pupils in German schools). What does consumption and wastefulness here in Germany have to do with living and working conditions of the people working in exporting industries in your country? While conducting workshops at schools you can shed light on important interrelationships and do your bit to make our world a better place. In the STUBE’s disseminator training you will learn various methods, which will help you present these interrelations in an exciting and interesting way and how you can organize your own workshops. For more information on the disseminator training please click here.

Scholarship Career-oriented Internship and Study Visit Abroad - BPSA

Would you like to do an internship or conduct research for your bachelor or master thesis in your home country? Do you lack money for your flight and stay? Then you can apply for a BPSA-scholarship. The requirements are that you are interested in developmental issues, have attended at least 2 STUBE-seminars, don’t receive a scholarship and haven’t been to your home country for the last 18 months. You can find further information and an application form here.

“Such an amazing experience. After this seminar I got a new vision of the world. So many different cultures and Ideas, at the same time so many similarities. I think everyone must have such an experience, at least once in his/her life.”  
Rania, Studentin aus Tunesien 

"STUBE spielt neben meinem Studium eine sehr wichtige Rolle in meiner Ausbildung. Während der Seminare nehme ich mir Zeit, um über verschiedenen Problematiken der Welt nach zudenken. Die Referentin und die Teilnehmer*innen bringen viele interessante Inputs.
STUBE sorgt, dass wir menschlicher werden und gibt die Möglichkeit, unsere eigenen Erfahrungen und Kenntnisse weiter zu geben." 
Gabriela, Studentin aus Brasilien 

"STUBE is really is good place to expand one’s horizon through, interaction between participants one can have opportunity to learn about other countries and system. Although it is my first time in STUBE I really find it helpful."
“We had lots of discussion on the topics and group works was the best way to have the interaction between participants; which I find really good, as in our country we didn´t have such method. In coming days I would like to learn more from STUBE seminar."
Student aus Nepal

"STUBE is a great opportunity to learn skills, meet new contacts and build your network. Supplement the technical skills learned at University. I would encourage international students studying in the region to participate in STUBE." 
Divine-Fondzenyuy, Student aus Kamerun